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Welcome to Russia and Russian business!

We are glad to present you our special project for all the foreign businessmen located in Russia in respect of legal, financial and other kind support. We totally understand that Russian business has its own and may be a bit odd one out specialty mostly of all in regard of any Russian legal authorities communications. We do realize that some kind of business-things seem to be tough and required an originated legal support of a consulting company. And the most important thing with that regard as we know is to find a company to relate! Credibility — is what we are trying to earn by our service each and every day!

Legal and financial support services for foreign businessmen in Russia

  • Working visa. Permanent resident card
  • Work permit (e.g. for being the CEO of Russian LLC)
  • LLC incorporation support
  • Foreign investments — tax planning and legal regulation
  • Legal, tax and financial consulting
  • Accounting and audit support

Real estate services: purchase, selling, renting

  • Accommodation. Apartments renting
  • Legal and tax support in respect of PURCHASE flats, houses, apartments in Moscow or in Moscow region:
    • taking all negotiations with the owner
    • representing of your interests in Russia in whole by virtue of power of attorney
    • drafting the better cash flow way
    • representing your interest with Russian notary public
    • complex due diligence of your object
  • Legal and tax support in respect of SELLING flats, houses, apartments in Moscow or in Moscow region:
    • tax planning

Litigation services

  • Representing of your intersts in Arbitrazh and all other national courts in Russia

Related services

  • Personal english-speaking legal adviser at all business meetings
  • Personal translator assistance

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Hereby you can ask us any questions to clarify and you also can send us your request for any of our services you are looking for. You can call us any time by +7 (495) 783-19-91. We will be glad to see you as our Client!

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